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Kamis. 09 Juli 2020 - 23:41 WIB
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Nama Dosen:Asih Prihandini,S.S,M.Hum
Nama Kelas:SI-1/S1/VIII
Nama Matakuliah:Morfologi
UJIAN TENGAH SEMESTER GENAP MORFOLOGI KAMIS, 14 MEI 2020 Both spoken and signed languages make use of morphemes, small units which carry information of some kind. These units can be either bound or free. The core of a lexeme is a root or a stem, the difference between the two being that the root is not further analysable into any smaller parts, while a stem may consist of a root plus something else. Affixes are bound morphemes that do not carry any lexemic information and that are syntactically dependent on what kind of host they may attach to. Clitics are also bound morphemes, but while they are phonologically dependent on a host, they are not syntactically dependent on what they may attach to. Both affixes and clitics can attach at different places on their hosts What is the difference between an affix and a clitic? Explain and give some examples occurring that issue. Add some references to support your argument.
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